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hi, my name najlaa Fathy. just call me lala:) I am 17 years old. I would be good if the person is good with me:) I'm a normal teenager ^ ^ I am me:) add me on facebook: Fathy lala:)EDRIEY mine :) i love my edriey ong very very much :) no one can replace him . ilove edriey :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

6 months .

semalam 26 march 2011 , 6 bulan aku dengan ed :)  omg , im so happy la even yesterday , yeah , ade salah faham sikit and im really stupid sebab cakap mcm tu . :) but , everything okai dahlaa . i tot , aku akan hilang die :) but , tak . aku masih ade dia :) 

edriey ong , tengs sebab dapat tahan dengan perangai i :) n thanks for everything . i hope our relationship has no ends baby :)
iloveyou damn much :)

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