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hi, my name najlaa Fathy. just call me lala:) I am 17 years old. I would be good if the person is good with me:) I'm a normal teenager ^ ^ I am me:) add me on facebook: Fathy lala:)EDRIEY mine :) i love my edriey ong very very much :) no one can replace him . ilove edriey :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

about us . :)

this is what edriey post to me (fb) <3

Lala Fathy i miss u when im in no mood .. bcoz , u can make me happy .. i miss u when im alone , bcoz , u alwys with me .. i miss u when im sad , bcoz , u cheer up my life .. i miss u when its dark , bcoz , our love shines brightly anywhere , evrywhere n anytime ! hehehe .. ♥ u !

n this is what i post to him <3

Edriey Ong , imissyou more my baby , yeahh , same wif u . u make happy when im not in mood , u always wif me when i need u b , n u cheer up my life when im sad . yeahh . n yeaa , our love shines brightly anywhere , everywhere n anytime . i ♥ u more , more n more my love :)

trust me , only u in my heart , n no one can replace u b . ♥...

b , imissyou like crazy .  <3 oh God , please . give us kekuatan untuk hadapi all this , plese . :(

P/S : bby always love b :) 

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