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hi, my name najlaa Fathy. just call me lala:) I am 17 years old. I would be good if the person is good with me:) I'm a normal teenager ^ ^ I am me:) add me on facebook: Fathy lala:)EDRIEY mine :) i love my edriey ong very very much :) no one can replace him . ilove edriey :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

edriey ong ^^

omg ~ die sgt bermakna dlm idup i maa <33 edriey! i sayang u gile2 taw !! ingat tuu ...:) nobody can ganti ur tempat maa . ya maa .kan3 syg kan ?:) u love me ,i love you. ya maa . kan?:) aahahahaha . n kiteorang sudah janji yang ,we wont leave each other :) n we tak akan curang (: i love the way he layan me , the way he laugh ,the way he pujuk me and everything about him , i love him so damn fucking :) when he came into my life ,i tak layan sape2 dah . only him ,him and him . everything i do ,i mesti ingat die n i never never ever curang ngan die . thats my promise .:) i kenal all die punya family maa (: n he say mama n daddy (edriey ong parents) like me (:  hee .<33 suke suke :) btw ,i hepi to noe him :) when i sad ,when i angry ,he say to me 'just chill maa' and i say 'yeah chill :) he teach me how tu sabar when i angry or sad . just chill :) jeyeah !! :) he very very caring on me. same la mee . caring juga maa :P hahaha . sayang ,wateva happen .i really love you . i swear <33

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