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hi, my name najlaa Fathy. just call me lala:) I am 17 years old. I would be good if the person is good with me:) I'm a normal teenager ^ ^ I am me:) add me on facebook: Fathy lala:)EDRIEY mine :) i love my edriey ong very very much :) no one can replace him . ilove edriey :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

im not perfect like others :')

everyone in this world is not perfect including me . :') no one noes i tried to make people love me .what they ask me to do , i do .but , why mereka masih benci aku ? im very sad when orang yang aku sayang benci aku , aku cuba untuk ambil hati diorang , aku cuba , :'( aku hantar mesej selmat berpuasa semua , tapi aku tak dapat apa pun :'( but , while i was online just now ,aku nampak dia wish dekat sorang budak nie :'( mana aku tak terasa :( apa la yang benci sangat dekat aku ? :( aku salah ? okayy , aku dah mintak maaf semua :( ohhhhh , why they cannot accept me ? :'( god , i hope one day , they can accept me :')


P/s : edriey , u noe who ryte ? :'( ilove them okay :')

with love ,

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