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hi, my name najlaa Fathy. just call me lala:) I am 17 years old. I would be good if the person is good with me:) I'm a normal teenager ^ ^ I am me:) add me on facebook: Fathy lala:)EDRIEY mine :) i love my edriey ong very very much :) no one can replace him . ilove edriey :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

5 feb ~ (1a.m) act , da masuk 6 feb:)

i dunno why this happen to me ? edriey scold me n im really scared , :( yeahh , act , what have i done before , its not what i want ,but i have to , yeahh , i have to. act , i memang nak bagitau edriey , about all things happen in my life , what have i done before, but i fkir about my relationship wif edriey , if i tell edriey , yeahh i think die akan tinggalkan i :) and the reason i taknak bagi tau its because ilovehim , yeah , i fikir about die punye perasaan , but , everything i explain yesterday. yeahh (: but , omg~ im really scared , im crying but die cakap ,"hey , takpayah nak nenges la , buang air mata je" . yeahh tengs , but im really sad, really2 sad when i panggil die , die akan ckp "what?! ' and bile i suruh die dengar die akan ckp "yeah , tengah dengar la ":'( after everything i explain , semua mcm nak okayy dah , but i swear to god , im really2 malu nak jumpe die dah , malu nak tengok muke die dahh , i dunno what i have to do :( i dunno maybe die benci i , but die cakap , "jgn ckp i benci u , i bosan dgn u, jgn suruh i ckp if bosan dgn u because it wont happen, i sayang u , mcm i syg u dulu" . actually , i takmatured lagi n dats why i tak pikir dengan ape yang i akan buat . edriey, tengs ajar i jadi matured . :)

P/S : im really2 scared when he scold me , but sayang , tengs sebab dapat terima i lagi , and tengs to god sebab edriey not gonna leave me , tengs to god n tengs to edriey . ( i faham kalau u benci i dah, but i tetap syg u)

iloveyou sayangg , :)

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